The past, present and the future are all doors to your brand with Speed from #timemachine


Ever think about why we create so many different types of media as a society? 

Speed is a calculation of distance versus time, but it's also calculation of information versus distance.

If you are moving 60 miles per hour you a spending one minute in every mile. One minute of information per mile. Which means that an increase in Speed is an intentional disregard for the information about the place where you are. Which also means that information about the place you want to be is the same as an increase in speed.

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When it comes to building a home or a brand speed is about being able to focus on data pertinent. #timemachine seeks to help brands and residents get to where they want without moving there bodies by bringing their goals to them. But you can't cheat space, you may not have to travel but you have to move, we release templates to help people move the way they want, where they are.

In that way if you are where you want to be then you are moving at the maximum speed.

We are all dealing with our own minds, and the actions we take are not necessarily attached to our bodies.

We are all traveling in time looking for a way back home. That may sound like a flowery phrase, but what if it was literal.

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