Interactive Vision 'Bulletin Board" and the Future of Project Forward- Laditan

Danielle has come up with a new idea. She wants to see an interactive vision board. She came up with the idea during a brainstorming session during the "Breaking Bread & Boba" gallery set up.

Laditan has been looking into led screens to amplify the in-person marketing experience so this might be something we see in the near future.

"This year we want to take Project Forward to a whole other level. In the past, we have expanded our video database and the promotion of creators who are working with us to create the world they envision. Going forward we are going to provide more workshops that are beneficial to the education of the latest technologies and practices. We are working to expand our library of content. We are working with businesses to make the tools in our community accessible to you 24 hours a day via our text platform. We want you to know that when you become a member in 2020 you will have a team that backs you and supports you 100%. Thank you for being a member, or considering becoming a member, your Project Forward President Danielle Victoria"

Imagine you walk into a cafe and you can walk up to a screen that can show you positive messages tied in with information about the cafe, gallery, or museum. They would also have the prices of the art and ideally a portal where you could purchase it.

These digital vision boards might become part of all Laditan galleries before you know it!

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